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Starting from loading to unloading and maintaining the highest standards in terms of safety while in transit, we take nothing to chance.


TLZ Logistics makes business flow. We design and implement industry-leading solutions in Natione-Wide shipping.

We deliver operational excellence — to provide viable answers to the most challenging logistic issues.



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Globally known for our ability to handle every last detail of our customers’ particular logistics and forwarding needs, TLZ Logistics Special Services team takes care of all your logistics.

Reach your destination 100% sure and safe

We have agents working side by side with our company and yours spanning Nation-Wide. No matter the destination, be rest assured that TLZ Logistics is handling your precious deliveries in a safe and timely manner.


At TLZ Logistics we understand that every situation and client has unique needs and expectations. We take pride in being able to give accurate estimations of expected delivery dates. Please get in contact with us here so we can pin point your exact needs and give you peace of mind in your transportation experience.

One thing that sets TLZ Logistics apart from our competitors is our vast amount of resources and connections. We make sure to service any and every need of our clients no matter how big or small the job is. Request a quote for free here so we can connect you with the right service for your job!

The fastest way to get in touch with us is via phone at: 248-525-7501

The most efficient way to share information is via email at: emanuel@tlzlogistics.com

We are more than happy to resolve any issues that may arise in your shipping needs. Please do not hesitate to get in touch!

We go above and beyond simply shipping, we combine our resources and talent to provide a one stop shop for all logistical needs. Our services combine with other warehouses, storage facilities, and team up with our nation-wide partners to ensure any and all shipping and logistical needs are met. We have a team set solely for dedicated deliveries and another for expedited services.

We are always growing and looking to expand our coverage and availability. Visit our Employment tab to find our what suits your capabilities best!

What makes us different?

Dedicated professional employees who deliver top quality excellence.


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